The world on two wheels

The world on two wheels

Name: Oscar.

Born: La paz Baja

California Sur


“You do thought about that your you can be the following one in being giving the return to the world? In knowing many things that now you do not know and that helped you much in your future?  Read more...

The world on two wheels is the great adventure of crossing for four continents in two years, estimated time to return the same starting point in order to demonstrate that when someone proposes a goal, so is the more difficult can achieve more impossible as it may seem. Read more...

To make your donations to help children. Join this trip. Read more ...

Here your you can spend hours and hours reading all the stories  of the countries by where i am cruising. Read more...

Gallery and videos. See...


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Where i am?   Canada

       Original route by plane and boat

     Original route motorcycle

Start: La paz baja mexico

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